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보톡스 시럽
(Revitox Anti Ageing Serum)


보톡스 시럽
(Revitox Anti Ageing Serum)

  • 성형주사 대신 주름제거
  • 아지렐린(Argireline)과 안탁티신(Antarcticine)을 함유한 보톡스크림은 주름을 최소화 시켜주는 노화방지와 근육이완을 도와 세포성장을 촉진시켜 피부에 탄력을 줍니다
  • 보습효과가 뛰어나며 식물성 콜라겐은 얼굴 근육 수축 강도 완화
  • 이마, 눈가 주름을 주사 대신 완화시켜 줍니다

Fight the signs of ageing with the power of science using the latest innovations in anti-ageing with our REVITOX Anti-Ageing serum. Specifically formulated to provide the ultimate cosmetic treatment for minimising and preventing facial wrinkles without the need for expensive treatments, this intensive anti-ageing serum boasts the pairing Argireline and Antarctacine to provide effective results.

A protein derived from Amino Acids, Argireline works with the skin to reduce the force that facial muscles contract with, thereby promoting wrinkle reduction and reducing cellular damage. This wonder ingredient is combined with the regenerating effects of Antarctacine, a beneficial ingredient found to help the skin retain water, increase collagen and elastin, and aid in tissue regeneration to promote skin healing and reduce the depth of wrinkles, especially on the forehead and around the eyes. 

Further enhanced with the hydrating effects of Allantoin, a ‘miracle ingredient’ found to help stimulate skin healing and strengthen skin tissue, this concentrated formula absorbs quickly into the skin to help relax the facial muscles and accelerate cell growth to restore volume to the skin, promoting smoother, healthier looking skin with a radiant glow.