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리프리놀 (홍합 오일)
Lyprinol (original)


리프리놀 (홍합 오일)
Lyprinol (original)

  • 뉴질랜드산 천연 푸른 홍합오일이 황산화 작용에 좋은 아스타잔틴 성분이 염증 부위를 빠르게 완화. 개선하는 뛰어난 관절치료 보조 영양제
  • 관절염, 퇴행성 관절염, 류마티스 염증 부위에 항염 효과와 통증완화
  • 평소 운동을 많이 하시는 분들 빠른 회복에 탁월

Lyprinol is a marine oil consisting of 6 main lipid groups and a unique grouping of rare omega 3 fatty acids found only in the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel.

For more than twenty years freeze-dried concentrated mussel powder has been used as a natural food supplement for the support of healthy joints and muscles, particularly with older individuals.

Following fifteen years of international scientific research by independent scientists from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, the goal of identifying the principal components responsible for the extract’s high potency was achieved. The compounds were patented and named LYPRINOL®.