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그린 홍합 6,250
(Green Lipped Mussel)


그린 홍합 6,250
(Green Lipped Mussel)

  • 급속 냉동 기법. Live 홍합 6,250mg, 360정
  • 뉴질랜드 청정지역에서 채취한 녹색 홍합은 해양의 천연 미네랄이 주성분
  • 류마티스, 퇴행성 관절질환, 염증성 관절질환에 특별한 효과
  • 연골 기능 조절
  • 100% New Zealand Pure Source
  • Maintain Healthy Joints & Mobility
  • Vitamin D Supplements (10µg Daily)
  • Naturally Rich in Omega 3 (DHA & EPA)


New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel is particularly known to support joint mobility and cartilage health. Green Lipped Mussel is an excellent source of nutrients including natural marine protein & Omega 3 fatty acids which has anti-inflammatory properties. UB bio’s Live Mussel 6250 contains Pure New Zealand Freeze-Dried Green Lipped Mussel powder.