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그린 홍합 2,500
(Green Lipped mussel)


그린 홍합 2,500
(Green Lipped mussel)

  • 급속 냉동 기법
  • 뉴질랜드 청정지역에서 채취한 녹색 홍합은 해양의 천연 미네랄이 주성분
  • 류마티스, 퇴행성 관절질환, 염증성 관절질환에 특별한 효과
  • 연골 기능 조절

Green Lipped Mussel is found in the clean, green coastal waters of New Zealand. In naturally contains many bioactive nutrients that are essential for joint and cartilage health. Green Lipped Mussel provides nutritional support for healthy joint mobility and gastrointestinal function.